Fran began making music when he was around 9 or 10 years old, starting out on a Commodore Amiga 500 back in 1989. He originally started out using various ‘Tracker’ style music production programs like Pro Tracker, Fast Tracker, Star Trekker, Scream Tracker and finally settled on OctaMED Soundstudio on the Amiga 1200 by around 1992. It was all 8-bit, 22KHz quality sound back then… Eventually around the mid 90’s he moved over to PC music production using programs like Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live, more recently.

Fran began DJing around 1997 when he managed to get a show on Kiss 105.8 FM Dublin on Sunday’s called the Sonic Trip Sunday Sessions from 6-9pm with DJ Banny and frequently as well, Dj Richie Flood. This lasted around 6 years until about 2003, and in the meantime, a Parnell Mooney weekly club night was being setup and run by Hard Breed’s Mark Young and Andrew Richmond. Fran got involved in Hard Breed ever since the first The POD gig and the Sidewalk gig.

DJ XS began DJing Trance and Hard House back in 1997 on Kiss FM with some Oldskool Breakbeat Hardcore mixed in too. Since then he’s gone on to DJ most different dance styles including and most well-known in Ireland for Hard House, Trance, Breakbeat Hardcore, Drum’n’Bass, House and much more!

Back around 2004-2005, Fran joined forces with Rockwell Ireland aka Raymond C, a top Irish House DJ to form a House music club night in the Legal Eagle called “Deviate” which ran weekly for several years every Friday.

Nowadays, Fran is producing House, Breakbeat Hardcore, Drum’n’Bass and anything inbetween. Check out the different SoundCloud pages he has for the different music styles from the Music menu tab.

Music Styles: House, Hardcore, Hard House, Trance, Drum’n’Bass, Trip Hop

Radio Stations: Kiss 105.8 FM, Hot 99.4 FM

Venues: Temple Theatre, Tivoli, SFX, The Vaults, Radiocity, The Beacon Wexford, Enigma Club, Parnell Mooney, Pudden Hill, Boyne Valley, Halfway House



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