Banny is an editor, DJ, promoter and producer. He started DJing Trance music in 1997 and from about ’98 to 2004 was a Hard House fanatic (Funky and Bouncy). He was on many Hard House mailing lists, from such labels as Honey Pot, Digidance, Pump Records, Chiller Productions and many more. He DJ’d on a Sunday from 9-12pm with XS on Kiss 105.8 FM in Dublin back around 1997 for 6 years on a show called Sonic Trip Sunday Sessions and later DJ’d on HOT 99.4 FM too.

In the last couple of years, Banny has produced several tracks on ‘Reason’ and has also completed a Multimedia course in Dun Laoghaire. He did a course in Sound Engineering there with Mister E, StringTheory Soundsystem and Mr. Snap Happy Glenn McCabe 😉

More recently Banny has got into Graphic Design professionally and his own business

Favourite Music: Hard House (and other Hard Dance Music)


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